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            Ningbo Instrument Motor Factory
            PRODUCT CENTER
            We can build every product according to the customer's requirements.
            < 01.
            Small size, low noise, high efficiency
            < 02.
            Large deceleration ratio, good self-locking and good interchangeability
            < 03.
            Installation is very convenient.
            < 04.
            Environmental protection spraying treatment
            Small size, low noise, high efficiency

            • After many improvements in manufacturing process, the service life, strength and efficiency of Yueling deceleration motor are much higher than those of other traditional motors; most of the motors are made of high strength aluminium alloy, which reduces the weight of the whole machine; the noise is less than 60 dB, which meets the international standard.
            Large deceleration ratio, good self-locking and good interchangeability

            Various rotational speeds and torques can be obtained by using gearboxes or worm gearboxes with different speed ratios. For example, by adding electronic stepless speed regulators, stepless speed can be obtained, which is suitable for various variable speed control machinery.
            Installation is very convenient.

            The installation of Yueling reducer motor in different directions can be very convenient. It can adopt vertical and horizontal installation modes, and can also be directly installed with flange and foot.
            Small size, low noise, high efficiency

            The outer shell of Yueling deceleration motor is sprayed with environmental protection paint, which not only increases the appearance of the motor surface, but also greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the motor and greatly prolongs the service life of the motor.
            ABOUT US

            Ningbo Instrument Motor Factory is located on the nearby outskirts of Ningbo City on the east bank of the East China Sea, enjoys every traffic convenience and a beautiful surroundings. The company possesses a number of professional engineering experts, adopts internationally advanced standard technologies, boasts a strong ability to develop and design brand new products. Complete array of the production equipment! Perfect instruments and apparatuses for quality tests! Persistent and reliable quality of the products!

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