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      Note "RTW is Normal temperature^ **AB" is Recommended use, MBH Use according to conditions.

      、 可曲撓合成橡膠接頭在安裝時,嚴禁超位移極限安裝。

      、 I.OMpa以上地面橫向、懸空、垂直安裝橡膠接頭,管道兩端應有固定支撐或固定托架,以防拉脫或破環設 0

      、 固第支撐或固定托架的力,必須大于工作的軸向力,否則應安裝防拉脫裝置,

      、 安裝可曲撓合成橡膠接頭的對應法蘭,應按標準GB/T9115.1 (RF)法蘭(即小口徑法蘭),以防法蘭D2、do 尺寸過窄,出現密封面漏水。

      、 安裝可曲撓合成橡膠接頭法蘭螺栓,要對稱逐步加壓擰緊,以防承壓出現局部泄漏或破壞可曲撓合成橡 膠接頭的密封面。

      、 I.OMPa以上工作壓力,垂直、懸空使用橡膠接頭,安裝螺栓要有彈墊,以防工作時螺栓松動,造成局部 漏水,滲水。

      、 垂直安裝,可曲撓合成橡膠接頭應有固定支撐,嚴禁橡膠接頭受重壓。

      1. When installing flexible synthetic rubber joints, it is strictly forbidden to install them beyond the limit of displacement.

      2. Rubber joints shall be installed horizontally, suspended and vertically on the ground above 1.0 Mpa. Fixed supports or brackets shall be provided at both ends of the pipeline to prevent pull-off or ring breakage.

      3. The force of fixed support or fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force of work, otherwise anti-pull-off device should be installed.

      4. Installation of flanges corresponding to flexible synthetic rubber joints shall be in accordance with standard GB/T9 115.1 (RF) flanges (i.e. small-caliber flanges) in order to prevent flange D2f do size from being too narrow and leakage of sealing surface.

      5. Install flange bolts of flexible synthetic rubber joints, and tighten them symmetrically step by step to prevent local leakage of pressure or damage the sealing surface of flexible synthetic rubber joints.

      6. Over 1.0 MPa working pressure, rubber joints are used vertically and in suspension. Installation bolts should have cushions to prevent loosening of bolts, causing local leakage and water leakage.

      7. Vertical installation. Flexible synthetic rubber joints should be supported by fixed supports. Heavy pressure on rubber joints is strictly prohibited.