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      適用范圍Scope of use剛性防水套管適用于管道穿墻處不承受管道振動和伸縮變形的構(建}筑物,對于地震設防要求的地區,如采用剛 性…

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      適用范圍Scope of use

      剛性防水套管適用于管道穿墻處不承受管道振動和伸縮變形的構(建}筑物,對于地震設防要求的地區,如采用剛 性防水套管,應在進入池壁或建筑物外墻的管道上就近設置柔性連接,A型適用于鋼,B型適用于球墨鑄鐵管。

      Rigid waterproof starve is suitable for structures (buildings) where pipelines do not bear vibration and axpansion deformation of pipelines through walls. For areas requiring seismic fortification, if rigid waterproof sleeve Is used, flexible connections should bs Installed near pipes entering pool walls or building exterior walls. A type is suitable for steel and B typa Is suitable for ductile iron pipes.

      說明:1、套管穿墻處如遇非混凝土墻壁時,應改為混凝土墻壁,其澆注范圍應比翼環直徑(AD43型。3)200,而且必須將套管 一次澆固于混凝土墻內匸套管內的填料應緊密搗實。

      2、 穿管處混凝土墻厚應不小于200,否則應使土墻壁一邊或兩邊加厚。加厚部分的直徑至少為D4+200。

      3、 焊接結構尺寸公差與形位公差按照JB/T500.3-1998執行。焊接采用手工電孤焊,焊條型號E4303,牌號J422。焊縫坡口的基本形 式與尺寸按照GB985-88執行。

      Explanalloni 1. When the casing penetrates the wall, it should be replaced by concrete wall. Ils casting range should be 200 times larger than the diameter of wing ring (A-D4 or B-D3), and lhe casing must be fixed in the concrete wall once. Packing in casing should be compactly tampered.

      2. The thickness of concrete wall should be no less than 200 at the piercing point, otherwise one or both sides of the earth wall should be thickened. The diameter of the thickening part is al least D4+200.

      3. Dimension tolerance and shape tolerance of welded structure shall be carried out in accordance with JB/T500.3-199B. Welding adopts manual arc welding, electrode type E4303, brand J422. The basic form and size of weld groove shall be carried out in accordance with GB985-88.